Wedding Administration

Whether engaging the services of a wedding planner or not there is a lot that the bride and groom need to do to prepare for their wedding day. How the administration is handled can have a huge impact on how well things are organized and go on the special day. It is recommended that the couple starts by purchasing a wedding planning diary so that all the information, dates, names and phone numbers of vendors and other important details are kept written down in one place.

Budgetary considerations

Though the bride may have a fairy-tale wedding in mind often how close to her vision her wedding is, in reality, comes down to budget. Weddings can range in cost from just a few hundred dollars and up into many thousands of dollars. Setting a budget before beginning to plan will ensure the newly married couple does not spend the first years of the marriage trying to eradicate debt. Unless finances are so constrained that there is no room for additional costs, some flexibility should be built into the budget. Often an engaged couple will not have a true understanding of the costs involved and may overlook some expenses. Having a little extra money set aside for those expenses will provide peace of mind. A good wedding planner will be very aware of all the expenses associated with getting married and will work with the couple to create a budget.


Guest accommodations

More often than not guests will be required to travel to attend a wedding, and if the distance is significant enough, they may require overnight accommodations. Though family and friends can possibly offer places to stay many guests will opt to stay in a hotel or motel for the duration of their stay. A good wedding planner will not only be able to recommend good places to stay but be able to help with bookings at discounted rates. Those discounted rates can be quite significant if a large number of guests opt to stay in the same hotel / motel, which can be advantageous and a deciding factor for some people to attend the wedding. A wedding planner can also organize transportation for out-of-town guests from their temporary accommodations to the wedding venue, the reception venue and back to their hotel if required.

Hotel Room

Liaising with vendors

One of the distinct advantages of hiring a wedding planner is that they have a team of vendors that they regularly call upon because they know them to be trustworthy and reliable. A wedding planner will have a good rapport with his/her preferred vendors and will be able to meet with them to make arrangements on the bride and groom’s behalf. A wedding planner knows how to speak to vendors and how to quickly and efficiently negotiate and engage their services. They also know the best vendors to hire and which ones will be able to work within the bride and groom’s wedding budget. If the bride and groom have unique requirements, the wedding planner will either know the right person to be able to accommodate their requests or will be able to find someone who can.

Liaising with vendors

Wedding day organization

When the big day finally arrives, the wedding planner and his/her trusted team will be on hand to take care of every little detail of the wedding, ensuring everything comes together as planned and goes off without a hitch. The wedding coordinator will oversee every aspect, ensuring that everything is in place and that everyone involved is ready when required to play their part in the bride and groom’s perfect day. He / she will remain throughout the ceremony and reception and can be called upon to deal with any issues that may arise. He / she will typically be the first to arrive at the venue and the last to leave.

Wedding organization

Being able to put the planning and organization of a major event such as a wedding into the hands of an experienced event coordinator is often the wisest decision. Drawing on their extensive knowledge and skills will allow the bride and groom to concentrate on the things that matter most: planning their future lives together. A great wedding planner will ensure that the couple’s married life starts off on the right foot by ensuring their special day is perfect in every way.