Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, regardless of how large or lavish an event it is. There seem to be so many things to organize to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day. The following is a list of 8 important factors of any wedding:

Selecting a Venue

It is said that there are 3 major components of a wedding and that without any one of them there will be no wedding: a bride, a groom and a great venue. Why is the venue so important? It is the place in which most if not all of the ceremony and celebration will be held. Venues can be booked many years in advance, the most popular as long as 2 years! For this reason alone, choosing the perfect venue should be top of the list.

Beach Wedding

Hiring a catering service

Catering events is a specialized skill that not all chefs / cooks can master. Hiring a catering service with a great reputation will ensure that the food served will be fresh, tasty and well presented. If hiring a catering service that specializes in weddings the cake can often be designed, made and transported to the venue by them too. If not, an outside wedding cake specialist will need to be sought. Again, reputation is everything.


Reputable vendors

A wedding for most people is a ‘once in a lifetime’ event, and so it is imperative that every aspect of the celebration of marriage is perfect on the day. Being able to rely on reputable vendors to provide the materials and services required of them will remove a lot of the stress often associated with the organizing of such an important event.


Floral designers

What would a wedding be without flowers? The right florist can provide everything from the buttonhole for the bride’s father to the large floral arrangements in the church/chapel and reception venue. Wedding flowers are a specialty, so it is important that a very good floral designer be hired to take care of the floral décor.

Floral Wedding Design

Photography and videography

When taking photographs and video footage of a wedding unlike filming a movie there are no ‘do overs’. Hiring professionals experienced in providing wedding photographs and video recordings of the big day will ensure that not only irreparable errors are avoided but that the photographs taken accurately portray the special occasion.

Photographer shooting bride and groom

Entertainment and music

Whether it is a DJ playing the bride and groom’s favourite style of music, or a live band playing covers music, or even the organist in the church, the music and more importantly who is going to provide it, is like the venue something that may need to be booked months in advance. If dancing is going to be part of the after-ceremony celebrations a live band is a popular choice.

Musician plays on guitar at wedding


Arranging transportation to the wedding ceremony is often something that gets overlooked and yet is like the venue and music and may require booking some months in advance. Companies that provide limousines or classic cars, horses and carts and other specialized transportation will require advance notice in order to ensure they are able to accommodate the wedding party on the chosen date. Horse-drawn carriages are romantic, but their availability and suitability will rely largely upon the weather conditions at the time of year the wedding is to take place.

White wedding limousine

Beauty consultants

Everyone expects the bride to look the most beautiful she has ever looked on her special day. That doesn’t happen by magic, although the end result may be magical. Hair and makeup specialists will need to be booked for hours leading up to the ceremony. It can often be several hours of work to get the bride, her bridal party, and the mother of the bride ready and looking their best. Engaging the services of professionals fully conversant with the specialized requirements of a bride is important to ensure the bride walks down the aisle looking stunningly beautiful.

Makeup artist makes bride's makeup

Once these 8 important factors have been dealt with a lot of the organization and preparation has been done and the bride and groom can then focus on the smaller details, as well as each other, as they prepare to spend the rest of their lives together.